Christoforos Peskias studied business administration at Boston University and was introduced to cuisine at the side of Charlie Trotter in Chicago. He worked as a chef in the U.S. and later at the well-known restaurants Dash and Yefseis me onomasia proelefsis in Kifissia and at Rock'n'Roll and Balthazar in Athens.

Christoforos had the opportunity to work with the legends of gastronomy such as Ferran Adria and Marc Meneau. With the desire to learn about modern techniques, a passion for the discovery of new culinary styles and faith that his experience will be transformed into innovative creativity.

At "48", Peskias unfolded all the talent and knowledge he acquired on the most modern techniques of international gastronomy, obtaining the recognition and admiration of food critics and the public in a very short period of time. His cuisine is emotional but not excessive, it respects the rules and the superb quality of ingredients, and attempts a discreet game of the unexpected.