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Our Cuisine
Our Cuisine Degustation Menu
Wedding soup with lamb, sautéed almond, root vegetables, dried mint & pepper oil
Seafood & shellfish soup, Muscat foam
Cold starters
Smoked ‘İskenderun’ prawn & salted bonito, tomato terrine, mandarin bubbles
 `Sous vide` goose liver terrine, cranberry marmalade, walnut sweet yeast bread
Warm starters
‘Antep’ stuffed dried eggplant, minced meat & ‘Siyez’ wheat, smoked yogurt, quince sauce
Grilled octopus `Babakale`, truffle flavoured lentil `fava`, red onion marmalade
‘Trakya’ lamb liver ‘külbastı’, almond hummus, sorrel, homemade pickles
Grilled red mullet salad,`Zonguldak Ereğli`, aged vinegar dressing
Wild berry green salad, seagrass, young sorrel, citrus perfume
Pasta & Risotto
Penne with smoked eggplant mozzarella balls `Afyon`
White truffle flavoured risotto with salt marinated beef
Main dishes
Grilled Aegean monkfish, root vegetable ‘pelte’, lobster sauce
Oven baked duck, steamed Aegean herbs, three vegetable emulsion, plum samba
Topaz beef rib with seasoned wheat ‘keşkek’, oriental glaz

‘Trakya’ roasted lamb shoulder, oriental pilaf, garden greens, lamb gravy

White chocolate espresso terrine, lime crunch, raspberry sorbet 
Gold leaf chocolate velvet, vanilla cream, ginger flavoured dried fruit jelly
During 2007 and 2008, you can find the breeze’s of
international mediterranean chefs in Topaz’s menu.
 Laura Sanchez
Fix menu alternatives
Menu 1 
Seasonal young vegetables cooked in olive oil
‘Antep’ stuffed dried eggplant, minced meat & ‘Siyez’ wheat, smoked yogurt, quince sauce
Arugula, eggplant salad, roasted capsicum stuffed with `tulum` cheese, crispy vegetables, balsamic dressing

Chicken and artichoke skewers, black zucchini mousse, straw potatoes, smoked wheat relish

“Ekmek Kadayıfı” with Afyon buffalo milk clotted cream, sour cherry compote
Menu 2
`Bodrum-Güllük` tiger prawn smoked salmon, citrus foam
Truffle flavoured risotto with salt marinated beef
Mix green salad with caramelized goat cheese, seasonal fruit crispy, baby lemon dressing
Roasted veal, mustard flavoured potatoes custard, steamed spinach, sweet marsala sauce *

Mastic flavoured panna cotta, fresh sour cherry compote, almond cracker, baby strawberry foam

Menu 3
Salt marinated&fresh herbed beef slices, balsamic glaze
Palace style goat cheese & vegetable `piruhi`, walnut & sweet pepper sauce 
Mix green salad, bean sprouts, sorrel, lemon dressing

Rosemary marinated grilled seabass, ginger flavoured pumpkin `fondant`,

steamed baby spinach

Pistachio chocolate, `velvet`, `croquante`, vanilla cream, ginger flavoured dried fruit jelly
Unlimited white wine Topaz Narince /red wine Topaz Öküzgözü wine and local beverages will be served throughout the whole dinner (starting with seating of the guests at the table and will continue until the start of dessert service, or limited with maximum 2 hours).
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